Shortcut // SEPT. 2012

SHORTCUT #12 // Improved Oiled Lamp's better electrical light what born a shadowns grown for shoot the still my life at near on everything are important material with black and white.

SHORTCUT #11 // a very short footage what experimental 15sec while a near my life clipping.

SHORTCUT #10 // A short footage was borne by my self hate in the mind of recentry things.

SHORTCUT #9 // A Day releases what inspiring give it weather calling to me, on street has it any inspirations if I'd found some what things to…

SHORTCUT #8 // One night that came a inspiration my think imagine of NOIR and do it fast I'd shoot the moment of life.

SHORTCUT #7 // A way to street what my lived town of Tsurumi I'd shoot the monochrome without 8mm emulated on walkthrough.

SHORTCUT #6 // Shoot clips with enjoying what motivate to Step x Step goes on the night times.

SHORTCUT #5 // A day this morning has noisy I’d feeling that coming before Inspiration what a unknown imagine by mine.

SHORTCUT #4 // Brandy and coffee are addictive what need fragment of life with my times on Night.

SHORTCUT #3 // Filmic on the moment of Brass Bands play whoes kids of school girls of Tsurumi I loved, Lived in my town.

SHORTCUT #2 // Still the moments of scene a day and I am iPhoneographer and you. at shoot taken more inspired where a own life of nearsides everything that I have it.


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