Satoshi Tomiyama is electronica music composer with’in mixed any that multimedia creators what he active based out of Yokohama, Japan.
An photographer what about things satoshi has freeroaming,freedom and like a shoot the moments on his walkthrough at main it mean he said Im not freelancer, cause be I have’nt no client no choice no order. also, just respect to sharing what inproved things that are free all by me with creative commons. nothing need licenses for photos life of my lively mind.

An iPhoneography of mine, 4years long I’ve using iPhone series what a shoot on everywhere it out of my pocket after stay and stop use NIKON. In recentry iPhone was poplured already yet. peoples who has all that special experience by iPhoneography too.
4S latest iPhone has 1080 can possible what taken video footage or movie works and greatful lens with shoot to photos many and easy, Apps can used simply fix and edit after finished upload to social,email,cloud we’re chosen freedom needs by time us. users has enjoying experiencing that it each other apps.

Just I’d inspired are “6×7” digital emulated apps what format by MAMIYA’s RB67 and “645 Pro” has same it emulated by 645. non typicaly the 6×7 format I feel can it is use apps for easy but details so deep by my experience that hopefully I think.
and one other my favorite a special experienced used apps by “vsco cam” by vsco. the apps can give what feel like a natural film after shoot at scene,people,animal,moments and more AIM to focused by my self:)

A things that come true from monochrome

Color is Feedback, Monochrome is Feedforward I’ve think image of shoot the true scene and moemnts can feel it for.

Awaking senses why shoot of multimedia

In my pocket iPhone has awesome many it means are shoot to high resolution, HD can possible what shoot the footage of life moments while everytime and sounds. That’s amazing we’re life of recent if final attempt used the social network us. Peoples who want or needs inspring by other life and telling self it same I’ve feel like too.

Uma resposta para “about

  1. i was browsing on your posts and i can’t believe that these great images are produced by an iphone!
    but what makes them far more interesting is the composition of your images, i think that what’s separate an ordinary picture to a great one and you have done it magnificently. really beautiful blog!
    nice meeting you :)

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